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Machine Listings

Qty. Description
1 Warner & Swasey 14"x36" Cylindrical O.D. grinder with jig fixture for I.D. grinding
2 Harig 12"x6"x12" surface grinder

Qty. Description
1 American 15"x30" lathe
1 Leblond Makino 19"x55" lathe

Qty. Description
1 Supermax 34"x20"x20" mill
2 Bridgeport 30"x15"x15" mill

CNC Lathes
Qty. Description
1 Okuma-Howa HL-35 13.8"x19" (2001)
1 Okuma-Howa HL-20 11.8"x18" (2000)

CNC Mills (Horizontal)
Qty. Description
1 Mazak HTC-400 duel pallet 22.08"x20.08"x20.08" (1998)
1 Toyoda FA-400 duel pallet 19"x19"x24" (2003)
1 Toyoda FA-450II duel pallet 24"x24"x22" (2004)

CNC Mills (Vertical)
Qty. Description
2 Leblond Makino FNC-60 23.6"x15.75"x15.75" (1986)
1 Leblond Makino FNC-74 27.5"x17.5"x17.5" (1985)

Specialty Machinery
Qty. Description
1 American Pacemaker lather 40"x156" Digital readouts for both axis
1 Zeiss Zista CMM in a temperature controlled environment

Alliance Tool carries a variety of other machines to accommodate any machining application
in house, such as manual presses and saws.  We also offer a sealed paint room for any
painting applications.

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